Artyści z największą liczbą sprzedanych albumów w Korei Południowej

Lista koreańskich artystów z największą liczbą sprzedanych albumów muzycznych w Korei Południowej w encyklopedii

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Poniższy artykuł przedstawia listę artystów z największą liczbą sprzedanych albumów muzycznych w Korei Południowej. Opiera się na sprzedaży cyfrowej lub sprzedaży płyt fizycznych. Liczby podawane są w przybliżeniu i mogą się różnić nieznacznie od rzeczywistej sprzedaży. Do listy nie jest brana pod uwagę sprzedaż ze streamingu.

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  1. Kim Tong-hyung: Cho Yong-pil sparks a dying CD market (ang.). The Korea Times, 2013-04-23. Cytat: The compact disc (CD) was left for death as downloads ate away at the physical sales of singles. But it appears Cho Yong-pil has given it a shot in the arm (...). He has sold over 10 million copies of his albums in Korea and also has a large following in Japan.
  2. a b c d e f g h i 역대 가장 많은 앨범을 판 국내 가수 (kor.). [dostęp 2017-02-03].
  3. a b c d e f g h Top 20 Most Successful and Best-Selling KPOP Groups Ever (ang.)., 2017-06-10.
  4. Hyun-jun Cho. newsline ... SOUTH KOREAN. „Billboard” (ang.). [dostęp 2016-01-30]. Cytat: (...) Shin has sold more than 10 million albums in the last seven years.. 
  5. 7 Bestselling Albums in Korean History: Jo Sungmo, g.o.d. and Kim Gun-mo Big Overseas (ang.). The Music Times, 2015-04-09.
  6. EXO becomes the first million seller in twelve years!., 2013-12-27. [dostęp 2016-01-30].
  7. BTS Becomes Fastest Korean Artist Who Debuted After 2000 To Surpass 10 Million In Total Albums Sales (ang.). [dostęp 2018-12-30].
  8. EXO Officially Becomes Quintuple Million Sellers + Makes History With 10 Million Albums In Total Sales (ang.). [dostęp 2018-12-30].
  9. Seo Taiji’s Total Assets Worth Between $30-40 Million Yet Lee Ji Ah Asks for $5.5 Million… (ang.)., 2011-04-23. Cytat: Actress Lee Ji Ah has shocked Korea with her marriage and divorce to 90s pop icon Seo Taiji (...). Additionally, Seo Taiji & the Boys, his rock band, sold over 7 million copies of their albums since their debut in 1992 up to 1995. His 1998 and 2000 solo albums also sold over a million copies each (...).
  10. Seoul Music: Rockin' in Korea, wyd. 16, Stany Zjednoczone: Nielsen Business Media, Inc., 20 kwietnia 1996, s. 18, ISSN 0006-2510  (ang.).p?,
  11. 2010년 가온차트 부문별 Top 100위 (kor.). Gaon Music Chart. [zarchiwizowane z tego adresu.
  12. 2012년 Download Chart (kor.). Gaon Digital Char.
  13. A cultural critical mass (ang.). The Korean Times, 2014-01-19. Cytat: (...) Kim’s ability to sell records is no longer a question. More than 5 million copies of Kim’s albums have been sold in the new millennium, a staggering number considering a market dominated by online downloads (...).
  14. a b c 역대 음반 누적판매량 가수별 순위 (가온차트 150731 집계 기준) (kor.). [dostęp 2015-08-25]. Cytat: 2010년 1월 1일 ~ 2015년 7월 31일까지 대한민국 음반/음원 공식 인증 차트 가온차트에서 음반 판매량만 집계한 내용 입니다.
    1위 엑소 -400만장 이상
    2위 슈퍼주니어 -190만장 이상
    3위 소녀시대 -160만장 이상
    4위 인피니트 -114만장 이상
    5위 동방신기 -113만장 이상
  15. Alexey Eremenko: Yoon Do Hyun Band – Biography (ang.). [dostęp 2018-03-14]. Cytat: Yoon Do Hyun Band (often shortened to YoonBand or YB) are the most popular rock group in South Korea, recognized for their ability to mix traditional instruments such as gayageum (a variant of zither) and daegeum (a wooden flute) into their powerful rock sound, inspired by classic hard rock, grunge, blues, and new wave. (...) In the decade-plus since the band was established in 1994, it has sold two million CDs, which equals 20 platinum discs in Korea (...).
  16. 태진아 80년대에 ‘옥경이’로 150만장 “돈 긁어모았다” (kor.)., 2011-12-23. Cytat: 태진아가 아내 옥경이 덕분에 히트곡을 냈던 사연을 밝혔다 (...). 태진아는 "2집이지만 1집 노래에 '옥경이' 한 곡을 추가한거다. '옥경이'가 당시 150만장 나갔다 (...).
  17. Julie Jones: Five Fun Facts About Uhm Jung Hwa (ang.)., 2014-09-23. Cytat: (...) Uhm Jung Hwa made her debut as a singer in 1993 and by the mid-90s was one of the most successful female singers. Her fourth album sparked some controversy since it was deemed suggestive but it sold over a million copies (...).
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