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Odp:Języki regionalne Francjiedytuj kod

Odp:Języki regionalne Francji

Thank you for your remarks, I will try to associate particular dialects with relevant languages, so that all will be clear and simple. --LingVista (dyskusja) 15:44, 23 kwi 2010 (CEST)

Kashubian ethnolectedytuj kod


First of all, changing the title was not my idea - I have merely merged the revision history of the articles Kashubian language and Kashubian dialect that previously existed on Polish Wikipedia. Therefore I suggest you contact LingVista on that matter. I'm sure he can provide you with examples of contemporary scientific literature in which Kashubian is still referred to as a dialect of Polish.

Secondly, you cannot exactly claim that the change of the title is unacceptable from the linguistic point of view. As far as I know the term ethnolect is - at least in Polish linguistic literature - commonly used as an umbrella term for both language and dialect. So, whether you want to view Kashubian as a language or a dialect it is still an ethnolect and the title has simply been change to a more general and thus more neutral term. --Botev (dyskusja) 23:54, 16 maj 2010 (CEST)

I think the article clearly states that Kashubian is an ethnolect with a disputed status. Some sources treat it as an independent language, others as a dialect of Polish. In situations like this one it is Wikipedia's policy to present both opinions without judging which one is correct. As to your question whether common Polish speakers can understand Kashubian - well, to some degree they certainly can, just as it is the case with any other West Slavic language or dialect. However, I don't see why this should be relevant here - there is no clear criterion for distinguishing a language from a dialect, and mutual understandability isn't one either - look at all the varieties of Arabic which are still referred to as dialects, while languages as similar to each other as Czech and Slovak are treated as separate languages. --Botev (dyskusja) 17:24, 18 maj 2010 (CEST)

Odp:etnolekt kaszubskiedytuj kod

Odp:etnolekt kaszubski

Let it be an example: Kaszëbsczé jezora – a popular Kashubian song, an easily understandable text.

Odp:Dialekt gaskońskiedytuj kod

Odp:Dialekt gaskoński

Well, I have just undone my previous change. It was I who moved the article to dialekt gaskoński. I decided not to engage in the issues of dialect vs. language arguments. Of course, if you're sure that this ethnolect isn't a language, you may move it to "dialekt gaskoński" and feel free to do it. Best regards --LingVista (dyskusja) 18:16, 28 kwi 2011 (CEST)

Ad:Imanyedytuj kod


Urodzona w Afryce, na Komorach - zgodnie ze źródłem [1]. Jak jest podane w innych Wikipediach, nie ma znaczenia. Pozdrawiam, pjahr @ 14:18, 29 gru 2012 (CET)

Zatem, jeśli dokonujesz podobnej zmiany, należy podać jej źródło, a nie tylko dokonać edycji, nie uważasz? pjahr
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