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Solving may not have been sent by problem by reported Gmailedytuj kod

Hi, Sender Policy Framework does not seem to be solution to the problem, as this indicates which hosts are allowed to send from the "gmail.com" domain. We cannot probably influcence Google to add our toolserver to the list of hosts allowed and I don't believe we should.

The message is probably related to the fact that Mailman (our mailing list manager) breaks DomainKeys Identified Mail signatures already present in the message. We will probably try stripping them first, and probably (later) signing them with our own key.

 « Saper // dyskusja »  21:07, 10 sie 2011 (CEST)

I have enabled striping of DKIM signatures as a temporary remedy of the problem. Please let me know if it helps.  « Saper // dyskusja »  15:42, 17 sie 2011 (CEST) Another try: I have changed the outgoing IP address of the email in the SMTP client of Postfix. Let's see if it improves this way.  « Saper // dyskusja »  13:52, 25 sie 2011 (CEST)
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