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Ad:Wikipedia:Anomalie_w_datach_śmierciedytuj kod


Thanks! -- Bulwersator (dyskusja) 22:48, 28 cze 2011 (CEST)

Could you translate the intro and add some links to the corresponding local help pages? The bot will update this page once a day from now on if there is no technical toolserver problem. Merlissimo (dyskusja) 22:58, 28 cze 2011 (CEST)

Wikipedia:Anomalie w datach śmierciedytuj kod

Hi. This page needs a category. The best would be Kategoria:Wikiprojekty administracyjne and namespace Wikiprojekt: instead Wikipedia: Best regards Przykuta (dyskusja) 00:31, 29 cze 2011 (CEST)

The bot will only modify the two parts between the markers. So adding a category at the bottom/modifing this page isn't a problem. The creation of that page was requested by Bulwersator. I hope he will translate this page and will add all missing information like the correct category soon. Merlissimo (dyskusja) 00:47, 29 cze 2011 (CEST)

MerlBot@plwikiedytuj kod

Section copied from my dewiki talk page Merlissimo (dyskusja) 13:32, 9 mar 2012 (CET)

Hi Merlissimo! Since your bot now generates the list of articles without a born category I would like to request some changes in configuration for pl.wikipedia.

1) We've decided to move the list page to a new name: Wikipedia:Anomalie w datach śmierciWikiprojekt:Anomalie w datach urodzin i śmierci 2) We'd like to exclude from the list articles with category Kategoria:Nieznana data urodzin (unknown birth date) 3) It would be nice to have the list structured like this:

== Birth dates == == Death dates == === Died in current year === === Other ===

Thanks in advance, --Mikołka 22:14, 23. Feb. 2012 (CET)

Ad 3 - I am not sure, current version is better Bulwersator 23:16, 23. Feb. 2012 (CET) Ad 3 - new version: == Death dates == === Died in current year === === Other === == Birth dates == (based on [1])

Bulwersator 23:30, 23. Feb. 2012 (CET)

My bad. Thx to Bulwersator. --Mikołka 23:39, 23. Feb. 2012 (CET) 1) I'll change the config so that it will use the new page name and move the page this weekend. 2) The bot currently uses pl:Kategoria:Biografie według daty urodzin that includes Kategoria:Nieznana data urodzin. Currently i can only change the root born cat. Is there a special reason why you would like to have people with unknown birth date removed? If the death date is also unkown you can use Kategoria:Nieznana data śmierci which is a valid death cat for the bot. 3) The currently used order (same on all wikis) is:
  1. Died in current year
  2. Died and contained in a local living people category (not available in plwiki)
  3. Died other
  4. born cat missing
I changed the layout some weeks ago when i also included the born cat missing section. So now only headings which also contain some entries are shown and the heading text itself is included using a template, so that it translated locally. Today i removed some headings from the old usage that were still contained on the report page. So the main difference to the heading used by the bot and your suggestion is the heading level used for the last "born cat missing" heading, isn't it? A 2nd level heading "death dates" could be added manually before the first <!--MB-ProbablyDead--> marker. Merlissimo (dyskusja) 13:32, 9 mar 2012 (CET) Hi Merlissimo, thanks for the response. Ad 2) >>born cat missing<< is a very long list. It would be useful if it would only contain the articles that can be 'repaired', like in the death dates case. Ad 3) Yes indeed. But I would also like to have the 2nd-level heading before >>born cat missing<< list. Just for aesthetic reasons. ;) I think it would more clearly separate death-dates list from the birth-dates list. Would it break the code if I'll change the heading level? Thanks, --Mikołka (dyskusja) 14:24, 9 mar 2012 (CET) AFAIK it is possible to fix all articles from >>born cat missing<< (there is a category for a missing date) -- Bulwersator (dyskusja) 17:22, 9 mar 2012 (CET)

@Delay - no problem, RL is more important :) -- Bulwersator (dyskusja) 17:22, 9 mar 2012 (CET)

Yes all entries should be fixable. There should be a local category for unkown date (has no born cat=missing != unkown=info is lost in history). On dewiki and other wikis there are also subcategores for millennium or century if the exact year is unkown (there are only very, very few people with unkown millennium). But this depends from wiki to wiki. I am still thinking about if i should implement a 2nd and 3rd order heading or only a 2nd order. Merlissimo (dyskusja) 17:59, 9 mar 2012 (CET) By "repair" I meant "add the birth date". Biographical entries with unknown birth date should be (re)moved from the list to the category Nieznana_data_urodzin (which is the same as en:Category:Year_of_birth_unknown). We don't want users to check the same articles over and over again. As for the 3rd part of the request, it is only the matter of clear visual distinction between death- and birth-dates sections. --Mikołka (dyskusja) 18:39, 9 mar 2012 (CET) Your are describing the missing category and not the unkown category on enwiki:
  • en:Category:Year_of_birth_missing contains all articles at which the author did not know the birth year. Other authors are checking articles in category regulary if the can find information about date of birth. The result of this check can also be that there are no references containig this information. In this case the article is moved to the unknown category.
  • en:Category:Year_of_birth_unknown contains all people which have lost the info about year of birth in history. It is very unlikey that the real year of birth will every be known. This is a valid birth category where articles can stay forever.
  • en:Category:Year_of_birth_uncertain contains all articles having a more or less know year of birth but this is not verified by a valid source.
Merlissimo (dyskusja) 00:30, 10 mar 2012 (CET) en:Category:Year_of_birth_unknown is exactly what I meant, but it's not the point. I guess what we choose to put in the category is not relevant for the configuration of your bot, is it? It would be great if you could exlude these articles (Category:Nieznana_data_urodzin) from the report list as you did with Category:Nieznana_data_śmierci. Thanks, --Mikołka (dyskusja) 01:19, 10 mar 2012 (CET)

Special tooledytuj kod

"i am watching all my own talk pages globally using a special tool" - I am really interested in this tool (to keep track of discussion created by Wikipedysta:Bulwersator/Echo/Images on 20 language editions) -- Bulwersator (dyskusja) 17:17, 9 mar 2012 (CET)

tools:~merl/UserPages and for you tools:~merl/UserPages/Changes/Bulwersator. This shows all last edits at your user and user talk pages on all wmf wikis.Merlissimo (dyskusja) 17:43, 9 mar 2012 (CET) Thanks! -- Bulwersator (dyskusja) 07:32, 10 mar 2012 (CET)

Boiskoedytuj kod

Why did your bot revert my edition [2][3]? Polish term boisko refers to all kinds of sports pitch, not only to football pitch. Kpc21 DYSKUSJA 21:40, 21 lut 2013 (CET)

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