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 #!/usr/bin/python # Script based on # adds warning to the named User about "Vandalism" __metaclass__ = type __version__ = "$Id:,v 1.31 2006/03/07 00:23:33 wikipedian Exp $" sig = u" (edited with 0.2)" import sys import os import optparse import string import tempfile import wikipedia import config class ArticleEditor: joinchars = string.letters + '[]' + string.digits # join lines if line starts with this ones def __init__(self, args): """Takes one argument, usually this is sys.argv[1:]""" self.all_args = args self.set_options() self.setpage() = wikipedia.getSite() def set_options(self): """Parse commandline and set options attribute""" my_args = [] for arg in self.all_args: arg = wikipedia.argHandler(arg, 'vandal') if arg: my_args.append(arg) parser = optparse.OptionParser() parser.add_option("-u","--user", action="store_true", default=False, help="Name of user to be warn."); self.options = parser.parse_args(args=my_args)[0] def setpage(self): """Sets page and page title""" site = wikipedia.getSite() if (self.options.user): pageTitle = "Dyskusja_Wikipedysty:" + self.options.user else: pageTitle = "Dyskusja_Wikipedysty:" + wikipedia.input(u"User_name:") = wikipedia.Page(site, pageTitle) if = wikipedia.Page(site, def repair(self, content): """ Removes single newlines. """ ##### # This method was disabled because its functionality belong into #, not here. return content # ##### if self.options.join_lines: lines = content.splitlines() result = [] for i, line in enumerate(lines): try: nextline = lines[i+1] except IndexError: nextline = "last" result.append(line) if line.strip() == "" or line[0] not in self.joinchars or \ nextline.strip() == "" or nextline[0] not in self.joinchars: result.append('\n') else: result.append(" ") s = "".join(result) else: s = content return s def handle_edit_conflict(self): fn = os.path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(), fp = open(fn, 'w') fp.write(new) fp.close() wikipedia.output(u"An edit conflict has arisen. Your edit has been saved to %s. Please try again." % fn) def run(self): try: old = except wikipedia.NoPage: old = "" #cheking does user already has warning #(his Talk page wont be empty then) print old if ( old == "" ): new = "{{subst:Witaj}}\n\nPozdrawiam [[Wikipedysta:Egon|Egon]] [[Dyskusja_Wikipedysty:Egon|Moja Strona Kontaktowa]]" if new and old != new: new = wikipedia.showDiff(old, new) #comment = wikipedia.input(u"For what? ") + sig comment = "Przywitwanie. " + sig try:, comment = comment, minorEdit = False) except wikipedia.EditConflict: self.handle_edit_conflict(new) else: wikipedia.output(u"Nothing changed") def main(): app = ArticleEditor(sys.argv[1:]) if __name__ == "__main__": try: main() except: wikipedia.stopme() raise wikipedia.stopme() 
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