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Hi, I am Lukas Mezger, a media and IT lawyer and amateur clarinetist from Hamburg, Germany. I've been a Wikipedian since 2005, and most of my editing takes place on German Wikipedia. As a member of Wikimedia Deutschland, I have been serving as a member of the board since 2014.

In the past, I've lived in several places around Germany as well as in Italy and in the United States.

In the Wikiverse, I try not to engage in too many discussions. However, I am in favour of transparent rules. Also, I would like to help making the Wikimedia projects more friendly and constructive. Please let me know where I've failed to do so.

I was a legal fellow with the Wikimedia Foundation during the summer of 2013 and one of the privacy ombudsmen from 2014 until 2017. You can read more from me in my blog and on Twitter.

Please support the Sustainability Initiative!

Please support the Sustainability Initiative!

A few years ago, I started the Sustainability Initiative which aims at reducing the environmental impact of the Wikimedia movement. You can support it in the following ways:

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