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The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white comic book series chronicling the travels of Rick Grimes, his family, and other survivors of a zombie apocalypse.[1]

First issued in 2003 by publisher Image Comics, the comic was created by writer Robert Kirkman[2] and artist Tony Moore (who was later replaced by Charlie Adlard from issue #7 onward,[3] though Moore continued to do the covers through issue #24.)[4]

The Walking Dead received the 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series at San Diego Comic-Con International. The series was adapted into the AMC television series The Walking Dead, which premiered in 2010. The television program has inspired a Kirkman-approved full length novel prologuing the comic book's timeline. The series has been translated into numerous languages such as Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, French, Turkish and Japanese.

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Plot | edytuj kod

Szablon:Plot Shot in the line of duty, Cynthiana, Kentucky police officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma in the hospital to find his town filled with walking corpses.[5] He travels to Atlanta, Georgia in search of his wife Lori and seven-year-old son Carl, and finds them in a small camp outside the ruined city, under the leadership of his partner and best friend Shane (Shane had an affair with Lori unbeknownst to him).[6] After a fatal zombie attack on the camp, Rick begins to frequently criticize Shane for his decision-making, while at the same time earning the rest of the group's trust and becoming a co-leader. They end up being at odds with what the next move for the group should be. Shane eventually is overwhelmed with his jealousy toward Rick and, following a public outburst, pulls a gun on him when the two are alone in the woods, only to be shot dead by Carl (who had secretly followed them). Now the de facto leader, Rick decides the survivors need to leave Atlanta and find a safer place to call home.[7]

Rick’s early settlement attempt is a gated condo neighborhood, where the group is joined by a middle aged former NFL player Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her nerdy boyfriend Chris. When settled in, Dale and Andrea engage in a relationship, as well as Carol and Tyreese. The settlement attempt proves disastrous, however, as Allen's wife Donna is killed after the survivors realize the neighborhood is infested with zombies.[8] Following their narrow escape, they camp for a single night on the road, where Lori reveals to Rick that she is pregnant. The next morning, during a hunting expedition, Carl is shot by a redneck named Otis. they're guided to a farm, where the owner, Hershel Greene, invites the group to stay. They take temporary refuge here, with Glenn engaging in a relationship with Hershel's daughter, Maggie, and Allen struggling with the death of Donna. Peace on the farm is maintained until zombies manage to break free from the barn and kill several members of his family.[9] Hershel's tolerance of the group quickly wears thin when he hears them talking about a permanent stay, and he orders Rick at gunpoint to collect everyone and leave; Glenn is permitted to stay because of Maggie's insistence.

Rick & his group discover an abandoned prison with excellent security, complete with a zombie-proof fence, look out posts, as well as a large supply of ammo and riot gear inside. Also in the prison are four surviving inmates, who are cautiously incorporated into the group. Hershel & his family are invited to join them at the prison, as there is plenty of food & water; the offer is accepted, although Otis stays behind to care for the livestock. Days after they settle in, Julie and Chris attempt a suicide pact simultaneously; however, Chris fires too early. Tyreese strangles him to death upon discovering Julie and later mangles his corpse. Rick becomes worried about Tyreese's unexpectedly calm and normal attitude after what had happened. Danger soon comes from within: A psychotic inmate murders Hershel’s two youngest daughters,[10] and Rick kills another inmate during an attempted coup against his group.[11]

During this time, a mysterious woman, Michonne, follows Otis to the prison and saves him from zombies, which earns her keep inside of the prison. She begins to seduce Tyreese, which Carol eventually witnesses and which leads to Carol's attempted suicide. In the aftermath, Rick and Tyreese's friendship becomes strained and culminates in a brutal argument and fight between the two. Proven to be increasingly erratic and unhinged as he struggles to keep order, Rick is forced to step down as the group’s leader, replaced by a committee consisting of Dale, Hershel, Tyreese and himself.

Rick, Glenn and Michonne later leave the prison to investigate a nearby helicopter crash and eventually stumble upon Woodbury, a walled-off survivor town, formed by, and under the leadership of, a maniacal tyrant called The Governor.[12] The walls have offered protection for months; however, it is revealed that they are slowly beginning to weaken, a matter which seemingly is hidden from the community by The Governor and his top men. It is revealed that the people in the helicopter were from a news crew, who were killed and fed to the zombies to keep them at bay. When the three refuse to tell him the location of the prison, the Governor imprisons and tortures them, cutting off Rick's right hand and sadistically raping Michonne while forcing Glenn to listen to her agony in the next room.[13] The Governor eventually has one of his men, Martinez, let them go and tail them back home, pretending to help them escape. On her way out of town with the rest, Michonne tortures and mutilates the Governor while he's defenseless inside of his house.[14] Shortly after returning to the prison, Rick catches Martinez in the act of escaping back to Woodbury and, despite the man's pleads that he was only going to gather the 'good' people, strangles him to death.

The prison dwellers prepare for a reprisal attack, but slip into complacency and distraction after weeks with no sign of Woodbury forces. Lori gives birth to a baby girl she and Rick name Judith.[15] Hershel, after a long period of distrust towards Glenn, finally gives Glenn his consent, and marries him and Maggie in the prison cafeteria. The concept of pregnancy is at the forefront of their relationship, however, Glenn ultimately agrees with Hershel that its best not to conceive in the new world. Carol gradually descends into insanity, constantly crying during the nights and making advances upon Rick and Lori (hoping to engage in a polygamous relationship/marriage). She seduces Hershel's eighteen-year-old son, and then commits suicide in front of the group by letting a walker devour her neck.[16] There's a brief period of peace and relaxation following Carol's death, only to be interrupted by the sudden arrival of The Governor and his soldiers rolling up to the prison fences in their vehicles.[17]

Despite their better weapons and larger numbers, the Woodbury forces take heavy casualties and initially retreat.[18] Convinced they will return, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Dale, Andrea, and the two young boys of the deceased Allen and Donna all flee in the RV.[19] Michonne and Tyreese are captured while attempting a preemptive commando strike on Woodbury.[19] Michonne escapes into the wasteland but The Governor executes Tyreese outside the prison gate before launching his second assault.[20] The Governor’s forces use a tank to break down the fence and massacre the prison dwellers killing off half the cast...(This includes Lori, Judith, Hershel, Axel, Billy, and Patricia)[21] Zombies pour in through the broken fence and surround the Woodbury forces. A female soldier named Lily becomes horrified when she learns that she shot down Lori and her baby dead on The Governor's orders. She shoots The Governor in the head before she and the rest of the army run out of ammo and escape inside the prison. They are all presumed dead since it is shown that a horde of walkers followed them inside.[21] Rick and Carl escape on their own and flee to a nearby town.

After several days of being alone, the two soon reunite with Michonne. The group of 3 eventually meet up with Glenn and Maggie, who guide them back to the farm where everyone else who fled in the RV is now staying.[22] Sophia during this time attempts to block her memory of Carol and she pretends that Maggie and Glenn are her parents, a role they gladly embrace to fill the void of having no child of their own. Dale's distrust in Rick, which had been steadily increasing over the past days and weeks, reaches its strongest, leaving Andrea to wonder whose side she is really on. A trio headed to Washington, D.C. stumbles upon them at the farm. One of them, Eugene, claims to be a government scientist in radio contact with survivors in the capital.[23]

Maggie continues to struggle to get through the depression over her father and brother's death and unsuccessfully attempts suicide. Her relationship with the people around her, especially Glenn, becomes strained due to her increasing self-consciousness. Rick and Abraham — a U.S. Army sergeant traveling with Eugene — bond during a supply run to Rick's hometown as they confess the killings they’ve each committed to survive. They pick up Morgan where Rick had last seen him, his son, Dwayne, a zombie now, and himself a mental wreck, and bring him back with them to the camp. A lone reverend shows up to greet this growing group and offers to guide them to his church. Before they move, a minor zombie attack occurs. Dale, hiding the fact that he's been bitten, sneaks into the forest to die alone, but is kidnapped by a group of cannibals, who eat his infected leg.[24][25] Rick, Andrea, Michonne and Abraham find, kill and mutilate the cannibals. The reverend is the only person among them appalled by their brutality. Dale later dies back at the church, devastating Andrea who eventually has to take him out.[26]

On the outskirts of Washington, Eugene admits his deceit about being a scientist and having contact with the government, a matter which greatly lessens the hope of everyone. Washington is soon revealed to be overrun like other cities, however, they are approached by a recruiter for a peaceful walled-off town of about 40, named the Alexandria Safe Zone.[27]

This man turns out to be Aaron. He leads Rick's entire group to Alexandria where Rick meets Douglas (The person who runs the town). Worried the Alexandrians have forgotten the dangers of the wasteland, Rick gradually asserts his authority. As town constable, he secretly carries a gun[28] and disobeys Alexandria's leader, Douglas, to intervene in a domestic dispute.[29] After the newcomers help defeat a bandit attack on Alexandria,[30] Douglas admits Rick is a better leader and steps down.[31]

The gunfire during this bandit attack attracts a herd of zombies, who surround and break through Alexandria’s wall, killing several minor characters.[32] The surviving residents retreat to their houses while zombies flood the town. Rick begins a romantic relationship with Alexandria resident Jessie during this period, however, this is short-lived when Jessie is swarmed and killed by walkers after an escape attempt with her son.[33] When Rick and Carl are surrounded by zombies after the failed escape attempt, Douglas tries to help them, but accidentally shoots Carl in the eye before he is killed and eaten himself.[34] Rick carries Carl to Alexandria’s surgeon (Denise), then returns outside and — with Michonne and other residents — destroys the entire herd. The victory convinces Rick that zombies are a manageable threat, and he resolves to rebuild civilization at Alexandria.[35]

Carl wakes from a coma with memory loss and begins to piece together the past few years.[36] Rick quashes a small rebellion but forgives the transgressors.[37] Andrea confesses her love for Rick, but he is quick to spurn her advances.[38] Paul, who claims to represent a nearby community of about 200 survivors, offers to trade supplies with Alexandria, claiming he already does so with several other survivor groups in the area.[39] Fearing a trap, Rick imprisons Paul and prepares Alexandria to defend against an attack. But he soon has a change of heart and decides to trade with Paul's group. The two groups eventually make a deal in which Rick's group has to defeat The Saviors, a hostile gang that has been terrorizing The Hilltop for months. However, the Saviors follow Rick back, and Andrea and Michonne kill the entire group. In return, Rick offers The Saviors the same deal the Saviors have with the Hilltop; half of everything. Abraham and Eugene go on a supply run shortly after this occurs. While Abraham is telling Eugene that he wished Rosita happiness, The Saviors plant an arrow in his eye, killing him. Eugene is dragged to the front gates of Alexandria with a gun to his head. The Saviors demand that Rick opens up the gates. At this time, Carl catches Rick and Andrea in bed together and the group rushes outside after they hear gunshots. The Saviors threaten the group while holding Eugene hostage, but are eventually shot at and retreat (leaving Eugene unharmed). During this time, Rick and Andrea have started a romantic relationship.

Abraham is mourned by the community and Rick decides that they will go to The Hilltop to explain what happened. Glenn and Maggie decide they want to live at Hilltop for the rest of their lives where they will raise Sophia and their new baby. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, and Heath travel as a group to The Hilltop when they are ambushed by 50 of Negan's "Saviors". Negan is very angry with Rick's group because they killed so many of Negan's men, so he says one of them will have to die. Negan then reveals a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire which he calls "Lucille". Negan lines up Rick's group and inspects all of them--eventually choosing Glenn. After selection, Glenn is dragged to the front and brutally beaten to death in front of the rest of the group. Rick is brought to tears and is slapped around by Negan. He becomes enraged and swears revenge. Shirking off the threat, Negan tells Rick that every week Rick's group will give the Saviors half of their supplies. Rick's group is left in shambles.

Artists | edytuj kod

  • Tony Moore: #1–6 (2004) (interior), #1–24 (covers) (2005), collected trade paperback volumes 1–4 (covers).
  • Charlie Adlard: #7–present (interior), #25–present (covers), collected trade paperback volumes 5–present (covers).[3]
  • Cliff Rathburn: #5-present shades

The Walking Dead Weekly | edytuj kod

Due to the popularity of the TV show, in October 2010 Image Comics announced The Walking Dead Weekly. Starting on January 5, 2011, the series is being reprinted in order with one issue a week being released. The series ended with the 52nd issue being reprinted. [40]

Reception | edytuj kod

Creator Robert Kirkman signing a copy of the first issue at the 2011 New York Comic Con.

The series received critical acclaim, winning the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series in 2010[41] and prompting Eric Sunde of IGN comics to call it "one of the best monthly comics available".[42] Max Brooks told Kirkman that he read The Walking Dead and liked it.[43]

IGN ranked main protagonist Rick Grimes as the 26th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time in 2011, stating that Kirkman "has an endless supply of [wringers] to run Rick through."[44] IGN ranked Michonne, another protagonist, as the 86th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time the same year.[45] It ranked the Governor as the 86th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time in 2009, describing him as "a sadistic evil that 'The Road Warrior' forgot."[46] Wizard magazine ranked The Governor as the 131st greatest comic book character of all time.[47]

Collected editions | edytuj kod

The series has so far been collected into the following collections:

Trade paperbacks | edytuj kod

The trade paperbacks collect six issues each, but contain only the story and no cover art. Each paperback follows the custom of having a three-word title.

Hardcovers | edytuj kod

All hardcovers contain the contents of the comics, including the covers, and in some cases bonus material. The books' trim size is larger than the paperbacks. Each hardcover contains two story arcs from the series. Signed versions of the books are available, each limited to 310 pieces.

Omnibus editions | edytuj kod

Limited omnibus editions collect 24 issues in a slipcase with several extras. The first volume is autographed by Kirkman and Adlard, with 300 pieces available. Subsequent volumes were released with 3000 pieces each. There is also a deluxe limited edition (signed by Kirkman/Adlard) with 300 pieces available.

The Limited Edition Retailer Giveaway is a limited hardcover of the softcover Volume 1, with black faux-leather cover and red foil highlights.

Compendium editions | edytuj kod

These are 48-issue softcover editions. The massive volume contains over a thousand pages but includes no cover art. Compendium One was also released as a limited edition hardcover in 2012 at the Emerald City Comicon and San Diego Comicon with 1000 pieces available.

Novels | edytuj kod

Other media | edytuj kod

Television adaptation | edytuj kod

 Osobny artykuł: The Walking Dead (TV series).

AMC picked up the rights to produce a show based on the comic in 2009.[49][50] It ordered a pilot episode on January 21, 2010[51] and began filming on May 15, 2010.[52] The series premiered on October 31, 2010 with high ratings.[53] On November 8, 2010, after broadcasting two episodes, AMC renewed The Walking Dead for a second season of 13 episodes,[54] which began on October 16, 2011.potrzebny przypis Frank Darabont wrote, directed and served as an executive producer until AMC fired him on July 25, 2011.potrzebny przypis Kirkman and Charles H. Eglee are currently writers and executive producers.

AMC released an animated film of the first part of Issue #1 of the comic with animation by Juice Films, voice acting by Phil LaMarr and art by Tony Moore.[55]

Video games | edytuj kod

 Osobny artykuł: The Walking Dead (2012 video game).

On February 18, 2011, Telltale Games announced plans to create an episodic video game based on the comics,[56] was scheduled to debut in fall 2011, but finally was released on April 24, 2012.[57] Kirkman has said that, unlike typical zombie games such as Left 4 Dead, it will focus more on characterization and emotion than action. The video game will include known characters and also introduce characters not shown in the comic or TV show.[58]

 Osobny artykuł: The Walking Dead (2013 video game).

On July 6, 2012, Activision announced a first person shooter based on the television series, which is being developed by Terminal Reality. [59] It is scheduled to be released in 2013.[60]

Other products | edytuj kod

Taverncraft has produced TWD pint glasses and steins, and has a license to release lighters for the series as well.[61]

Two boardgames were released in late summer of 2011. Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead The Board Game from Z-Man Games was released based on the graphic novels, while AMC The Walking Dead Board Game from Cryptozoic Entertainment was released, based on the AMC television series.

Action figures resembling the characters in the comic book were manufactured by McFarlane Toys for September 2011 release. In addition, action figures resembling characters from the TV series, including Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and a dismemberable Walker and Biter, were set for release in November 2011.[62]

Vannen Watches has produced two limited edition wrist watches featuring artwork from Charlie Adlard. The first watch was released February 2011, and came with packaging that was hand-signed by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. The second watch was released June 2012, and came with packaging signed only by Robert Kirkman.

See also | edytuj kod

References | edytuj kod

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